Our food

We wanted to challenge the misnomer that tacos must be Mexican. Our takes and twists on the traditional taco are passionately prepared with a focus on developing punchy fusion flavours packed full of super foods.

We take time every day to seek inspiration from across the globe and love spending time researching and trialling authentic recipes. Every country has its own type of flat bread in some form or other that is topped with delicious delights and that is why we created GLACOS – the global taco! Our soft glaco shells are made from corn flour, meaning they are gluten free (!), and have a crisp and delicious taste when heated. This provides the perfect base for all our global tacos. 

We tend to globe trot from week to week if we are appearing at the same event regularly; our menu might be Mexican one week or Italian the next but it's always just as yummy.  Here are a few of our favourites…


Middle Eastern Menu

Organic Wild-Range Beef Brisket w/ Burnt Lemon Hummus

Halloumi w/ Baba Ghanoush

Sweet Potato Falafel w/ Burnt Lemon Hummus

Cauliflower Shawarma w/ Burnt Lemon Hummus

all served with: carrot & orange slaw, red pepper, coriander & harissa pesto, pickled cucumber, yoghurt & mint and pomegranate.


Mexican Menu

Free Range Chicken & Chorizo

Organic Wild-Range Beef Brisket

Organic Re-fried Black Beans

Sweet Potato & Feta

all served with: Mexican slaw, chipotle mayo, charred pineapple, pickled onions and avocado & jalapeno salsa verde.


Indian menu

Tandoori Style Free Range Chicken w/ Kachumba

Onion Bhaji w/ Keralan Curry Sauce

Cumin Cauliflower w/ Turmeric Hummus

all served with: mango chutney, coriander pesto, pickled cucumber, yoghurt & mint raita and pomegranate.



Sticky Hoisin Organic Wild-Range Beef Brisket

Sichuan Aubergine w/ Satay

Deep Fried Sesame Sweet Potato Balls w/ Satay

all served with: Thai Street Salad, Sriracha mayo Thai basil pesto and crispy onions.